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Change proportions of a room

Country Style Wallpapers at walls and ceilings are a versatilely varying design factor for rooms of all types. Colourings, patterns and structures are available in great choice. Every room within a house is used a certain way as a living room, bedroom, child's room, kitchen or corridor. These areas need wallpapers which correspond to the respective space character and bear there typical uses. The individual furnishing style should be taken into account at the wallpaper choice. A wallpaper can be started design seeming timeless in rooms in which no typical style features can be recognized. Where much furniture, pictures, objects of utility and objets d'art covers the walls, a quiet colour neutral wallpaper has to be recommended. Pattern, colour expression and structuring of the wallpapers have immediate importance on the subjective space feeling with respect to height, breadth, length and temperature. Being able to with the wallpaper choice to correct the available space atmospheres and to influence the proportions visually:

A room seems lower, if

picture 1 the pattern is lined up horizontally.
picture 4 the ceiling is papered more darkly.
picture 7 you don't paper up to the ceiling but is left free a touching the wall more broadly.

A room seems higher, if

picture 2 they choose a vertical pattern, the ceiling is papered very brightly and lit in addition or the wallcovering of the wall the ceiling reaches.

A room wins on to depth, if

picture 5 a wall is in a backstepping colour, the other walls are in bright colors or the ceiling is by a lengthways striped to wallpapering.

A room seems smaller, if

picture 8 you use great or diagonally board patterns in strong colours - notably red, orange and brown.

A room seems bigger, if

picture 3 you use bright wallpapers and small patterns or uniform colours.
picture 6 one papers a decoration wall (without windows and doors) with a great pattern, a discreet square pattern or gleam effect uses.
picture 9 the bay is bright to wallpaper, lit in addition become adjacent living spaces.
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