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Design your room with wallpaper, give your walls a new look. At Decowunder you get wallpapers from all over the world. A wide range of noble, but also practical unusual wallpapers are waiting for you. We also offer borders, curtains and decorating accessories. We would be happy to advise you on matters of interior design, the quality and processing of our wallpapers.

Wallpapers changing rooms

Interior design is now internationally. The traditional typical living room is not a long time. Foreign cultures have a great influence on the interior design. Also transform your rooms and let exotic mentality to your walls. With wallpaper, you can create emotions, express feelings and put an intriguing accent. With no other design element you can change your rooms so fundamental. You must not necessarily adhere to a strict design style because the style is a trend break. Combine with extravagant wallpaper in the Asian or oriental style calm the simple, white leather sofa. Individuality is questioned.

Fast interior design with wallpapers

No other technology can be reached as soon as a change in your rooms with the wallpapering. Wallpapering is the fastest and easiest way to give your rooms a unique flair to. Step by step you will see when wallpapering, like your walls take shape. Especially with the easy-to-end non-woven wallpaper wallpapered the work is straightforward. The high quality non-woven wallpapers can be inserted into and removed glue bed fixed. You do not need a trestle table.

Colored wallpaper arouse emotions

Today there is hardly a color that does not exist on wallpaper. From classic red and blue and green tones of fresh money to the delicate pastel shade of beige or eggshell wallpapers any desired shade is ready for you. Opt for plain gray, cheerful yellow, blue harmonious, dynamic red or elegant purple. The colors of the wallpaper awaken emotions and to determine the effect of your rooms.

Wallpapers present diversity patterns

Wallpaper has never been as varied as in our time. Glamorous wallpapers, fancy wallpapers, unusual wallpapers and traditional wallpapers are the design element of modern facilities. For a long time uni-colored wallpapers where modern, so have the wallpaper pattern recaptured the walls. This is contrary to your individual design. With the myriad patterns of the wallpaper market keeps ready today, you can be creative on your walls. In addition to wallpapers with classic patterns have wallpapers with graphic patterns conquered the market. Fresh, modern, elegant failed, naturally - you can design your walls to your specifications. The offer of wallpapers consists no limits to you.

Shiny times for wallpapers

In recent years, especially metal wallpapers have conquered the market as a dazzling eye-catcher. Especially in rooms that are not flooded with light, metal wallpapers are a great way to play with light. But you want even if you just love the glamor and luxury and give your rooms a special outfit, you are exactly right with the metallic wallpaper. Whether used as accents or entire wall - with the magnificent wallpaper your rooms are unique. You deserve it not.

Of course - wallpapers are always up to date

Whether grass, hemp, sisal or bamboo, wallpaper made from natural materials are not just modern, but always up to date. With nature in the house, many people feel more comfortable. Natural materials in interior design have a special place. Natural materials convey the feeling of closeness to nature. They bring peace and harmony in every room. But not just wallpaper from plant fibers are very popular. Sandstone also open up new design possibilities wallpaper. Set the wallpaper with real sandstone in both columns as well as entire walls scene. From your bathroom the sandstone wallpaper making a spa oasis in the Greek style.

Designer wallpapers for luxury rooms

Designer wallpapers no longer unpayable. Many designers, such as Jette Joop, Annet van Egmond or Teija Bruhn designed collections to also make your walls unique. Artwork for the feudal wallpapers are lovely gardens of Yorkshire and sometimes the local wrought-iron park railings. The wallpapers reflects elegance that is combined with traditional colors.

Wallpapers no more in the background

Change your rooms, give your walls a new look and marvel at the effects. Wallpaper is now an independent design element in interior design. The wall decoration is no longer just an unobtrusive background for furniture, curtains and accessories. Wallpaper changing proportions and give the rooms the right atmosphere. Embark on an excursion through the world of wallpapers.

Borders are fast design elements

Borders have always been a hit by the interior design. Even in times of white woodchip wallpapers, borders were used for the design of rooms. Today, the wallpaper borders round the different concepts perfectly. With a border, you can transform any room fast and customize. The diversity of pattern is huge. From floral motifs to stylish designs on borders, kids borders, kitchen border to modern motifs can be found in the borders world everything your heart desires. There is no regulation for the attachment of the border. However, you should keep in mind the proportions of your room. Borders make halfway namely small rooms even smaller. Put borders correctly, you can not only make your rooms appealing, but also change the proportions perfect.

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