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Design your room with wallpaper, give your walls a new look. At Decowunder you get wallpapers from all over the world. A wide range of noble, but also practical unusual wallpapers are waiting for you. We also offer borders, curtains and decorating accessories. We would be happy to advise you on matters of interior design, the quality and processing of our wallpapers.

Exclusive Offers

The interior design

Are decisive for the interior design primarily wallpapers and furnishing fabrics, which on rooms have particular influence because they take large areas. Whether private living rooms, kitchens or bathrooms or business rooms such as reception halls, offices and meeting rooms - a unique wall design determines the area look and specifies the style in the first structures determined. The wall design possibilities diverse. Wallpapers and furnishing fabrics are among the most popular design elements.

The idea

The idea was to creating an online shop, that designing the large area dedicated to. The combination wall wallpapers, curtains and furnishing fabrics sets the tone of premises fixed. Therefore must exactly these elements with care will be selected. A wide range, from which you choose can, is based on a good interior design. At Decowunder there are many domestic and foreign manufacturers of wallpapers and borders. But even furnishing fabrics, curtains, loop scarfs, bed linen and accessories determines our program. The idea determining elements of room decoration from one online shop to receive, we are gradually to. If you live more beautiful want, you will find in us the wallpapers market, which also unusual whises can be grant.

The sample shipping 

Before you buy, should be inform yourself of the quality, the material and the color of the wallpapers, pattern wallpapers and fabrics. Especially when it comes to color, you can be deceived quickly on the monitor because on each device the color is different. But the light of premises plays a major role. What at the monitor or in stores at garish neon lights still looks bright and friendly, can be at home drab and dark act. And the surface is on a screen not always so nice out, like a sample that you hold in your hand. Therefore you should resort to samples. So you can relax in your own four walls check the color and the pattern and for your wallpaper and border decide.

The wallpapers shipping 

The wallpapers shipping done with us immediately and depending on the payment method. In the article you will find information on wallpapers shipping of our wallpapers market. Usually carried out the shipping on time and quickly. Only in a few cases, it may happen that the pattern wallpapers and wallpapers are out of stock. Depending for manufacturer can then take some time until the goods again is produced, because the wallpaper factories are planning few weeks in advance and so not all items are available. But that happens more rarely. A few items are only produced on order specifically for the customer. Order better a little earlier, so that you do not abstain your favorite wallpaper.

The methods of payment 

In our wallpapers online shop are different payment methods available. So you are not bound to a payment method and can select for you the appropriate method. But not in all countries are all payment options available when buying wallpapers and furnishing fabrics. On our side "method of payment" you are inform about the possibilities and the related information.

The products

When selecting patterned wallpaper, borders, curtains, bed linen and all other products we want offer an exclusive range, that has a high quality and a good price/performance ratio. It must not always be the most modern patterns, as many classics keeps for many years and decades and are at the forefront of the popularity scale in interior design. Baroque patterns and the romantic country house style are no longer indispensable. At Decowunder therefore obtain a wide range different wallpapers, furnishing fabrics, bed linen and curtains. Look around easily.

The wallpapers

Of which there are many. On the one the wallpapers can be distinguished according to their substrate material usually consists of paper or non-woven. Whether you are for paper-backing wallpapers or non-woven wallpapers should decide, depends on various factors. Secondly wallpaper were divided on the coating material. This can be fabric, vinyl, velours, different natural materials and much more. Designer always try again new materials and create so always new wallpapers. And even in printing and the design has much good stuff done. Glass beads set highlights, 3D effects give rooms a new view and historical patterns make walls exclusively. Designers such as Luigi Colani, Ulf Moritz or Melissa White give the patterned wallpapers a whole new sheen. At Decowunder there is almost nothing that does not exist.

The paper-backing wallpapers

As paper-backing wallpapers are denotes the wallpapers that have a paper substrate. It does no matter if it only a pattern printed or in a second job finished the surface with another material and make it robust. Paper-backing wallpapers are opaque and are wallpapered for the traditional way. Wallpapers on paper there are in many colors and patterns. From the romantic country house wallpaper up for groovy childrens wallpaper range the collections. The wallpapers can also be paper to difficult grounds usually pretty easy. Washable and scuff-resistant surfaces also seen chic on strained walls for a long time. Baroque patterns of Rasch, modern designs of PS and the romantic country style of AS are some wallpapers that can be found in wide range.

The non-woven wallpapers

For some years there is the non-woven wallpaper that bring some advantages. The wallpapers on non-woven backing easier to wallpapering. Because non-woven wallpapers are dimensionally stable, small plaster cracks can effortlessly be papered over. When attaching the patterned wallpapers do not need until long soak, but are immediately put on the wall. The paste can be optionally applied to the usual non-woven wallpaper or be painted on the wall. Even non-woven wallpapers available in numerous variants. Nice patterned wallpapers, fine plains or extravagant photo wallpapers are just a few designs of Livingwalls and other manufacturers are produced.

The photo wallpapers

A special type of wallpaper is the photo wallpaper. With the murals can be easily grandiose accents bring into every room and achieve exceptional room effects. High quality photo wallpapers are printed on non-woven backing. Here combine the practical properties of nonwoven with the peculiarities of photo wallpapers. The picture can be brought more easily and more exactly on the wall. Wonderful collections of photo wallpapers provides among others the wallpaper manufacturer AS Création Tapeten AG. The motives range from wide lavender fields over famous buildings and wonderful landscapes to fast-paced sports. Many of our photo wallpapers are manufactured especially for you. Please order better little earlier.

The furnishing fabrics

Many wallpapers manufacturers are now about to make the same suitable for furnishing fabrics with high quality wallpaper collections. Perfection at the wall and interior design is desired. The modern furnishing fabrics are held not only in the same pattern and color of the wallpaper, but also consist of modern materials that have it in them. Robust and easy to look for appropriate use also after years chic and beautiful. From the furnishing fabrics you can customize everything you wish for a perfect home. The fantastically beautiful fabrics from linen, cotton, silk, chiffon, velvet or other material types dip your rooms in luxury.

The curtains

Windows are the eyes to infinity. With Curtains you give your windows a beautiful frame. In our online shop you can find deco scarfs, loop scarfs, eyelets scarfands and listel blinds. Our highlights are the complete window curtains. These are produced especially for you and were created only for our offer. Rich fabrics and curtains let the window decoration appear pompous and luxurious and provide a long shelf life with proper care.

The bed linen

Colourful, modern bed linen not only provides for sweet dreams, but also for an appealing interior design. Bed linen must be an all-rounder now. Pleasant, skin-friendly fabrics bring relaxing sleep and wellness experience. The designs put in interior design striking viewpoints, because hardly anyone used today bedspreads. That would be a pity in the fantastically beautiful motifs of bed linen.

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