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Processing instructions paper

General indications for the underground preparation

The underground must be bright dryly, neutral, clean, firm, able to take a load, absorbent and uniform.Unfolding and cutting to size the strips of wallpaper respectively in the same direction. Even one pastes also at the edges. Putting on top of each other in bulk and rolling up without folding the continuous lengths of the two ends. Depending on quality and paper weight the soft times are different. The paper should feel soft and supple. You take care on the same soft times of all continuous lengths. Squeeze the continuous lengths with a soft paper-hanger brush bubble freely to the wall. The continuous lengths are stuck together without overlapping on push. Immediately removing well-worn paste spots with a damp cloth. Taking care during drying on constant space temperature. Avoid draft.

The professional underground preparation is prerequisite for a perfect paper-hanger picture. With difficulty time expensively and expensively is partly the preparation to bend the A and O around a later complaint case forward anyway. Is valid generally:
The walls must dryly cleanly, smoothly carry-and be absorbent.

Sucking ability

With a simple but effective trick you can check the sucking ability of the underground:
Wetting the underground with some water. It sparkles the underground off isn't absorbent that way enough without moving in to keep a wallpaper long-term. A role wastepaper recommends himself here. If the underground immediately turns dark against this, then the sucking ability is too highly and endangered a attaching the wallpaper without distortion. Here you please find a depth reason or simply paste the wall. Please, take at this this into account on the paste packets set mixture relationship. As a rule, paste powder is mixed for pre-pastes one packet with ten liters water to this. When finding depth reason you should admit a little wise color at once. You reach one evenly at once with that, too bright underground, is very important to this one primarily for fleece wallpapers.


Scratch with a knife the old color slightly and bring to the chink for testing the load-capacity of the old touch stripes unite adhesive tape. Then remove this stripe jerkily. Are after removing color particles at the adhesive tape the old touch of crumbly is and sufficient hold doesn't offer for the new wallpaper. Therefore he must be removed completely. The available wall covering has to be completely removed except for the underground. This doesn't happen himself can the old wallpapers at this in result of drying tensions solving of the underground and forming folds and bubbles for new paper-hangers. In addition know himself initialing the new wallpaper's structures and color differences. Exception: This may stayed behind at fissionable wall coverings Strap paper being about papered, if it is liable tightly on the underground. One checks the skid resistance for the strap paper at several, by one Places 10 – 15 minutes with water soaks. If no formation of bubbles can be agreed then you can paper without pretreatment on this.

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