For many people, the living room is the most important room in the home. After a stressful day at work, we can put our feet up here and relax and enjoy. But also with family and friends, the living room is often the meeting place and base for exciting conversations or game night. Since we spend some time in the living room, we also want to feel comfortable in it, the furnishings express our personality and have a nice atmosphere in it. In our article, we give you some inspiration on how to turn your living room into a feel-good oasis. And we tell you which furnishing mistakes you should avoid.

Furnish and design small living rooms

Even a small living room wants to be beautifully furnished and designed. And especially in small rooms, it is particularly important to match the furniture and accessories to the size of the living room. Furniture that is too big looks out of place and makes the living room look even smaller. With lower and smaller furniture, the small room looks a lot bigger.

Wall design also plays into the effect of the small room. With colour-divided walls or horizontal stripes in the form of borders, you draw the living room out from the look into the width, making it appear larger. High shelves stretch the room and thus create additional storage space.

The cosy looking living room

With warm colours and noble materials, you can make your living room cosy. Contrasts in the colour selection of the furniture not only set great accents, but also create atmosphere. So that the living room with the colourful furniture does not lose its effect, you should keep the walls in simple colours such as white or a delicate shade of cream.

A living room in grey

A living room in grey does not look boring and dull at all. The effect of the room designed in grey is rather noble and neutral. To create the right ambience, combine different shades of grey. If you want accents, choose colours like black or white for the decorative accessories. With flowers or one or the other accessory in red, yellow or green, you ensure liveliness and a splash of colour.

Light colours combined with wood

A white couch in front of a white wall can look sterile - but it doesn't have to. By choosing matching accessories, this type of interior design can look very classy and luxurious. Vintage carpets, wooden furniture in light colours and accessories in striking shapes bring harmony into the room.

Pink splashes of colour for your living room

Colour combinations in grey with a little pink bring a romantic effect to the living room. The combination with grey makes this yet feminine shade look anything but girly and kitschy. Decorations with a little gold round off the overall picture in a perfect way. A white wall as a base underlines the noble effect of the colour combination.

And here they are: the furnishing mistakes and no-go's in living room design

Even if the motto for furnishing and designing your home is "whatever you like is allowed", there are a few things you should bear in mind.

One of the mistakes in living room design: incorrectly placed furniture. The individual pieces of furniture you have chosen for the room should be placed in a distributed manner. Next to large and ostentatious furniture, small items look lost and out of place. So make sure that you arrange a coherent overall picture and combine the pieces of furniture perfectly with each other.

Be daring and choose a bright and bold colour for a wall. Many people tend to design their rooms carefully with white walls so as not to make a mistake. A coloured front, on the other hand, sets great accents and makes the living room look more modern. The wall does not even have to contrast with the furniture in front of it. The same colour tones of wall and furniture make the room look more elegant and modern.

Too much furniture and too many different styles quickly give the living room a flea market flair. When buying furniture and accessories, make sure that they match each other and do not have too many different shapes and materials.

A colourful hodgepodge of decorations quickly makes the living room look cluttered and over-decorated. Make sure that open spaces are not filled with additional accessories. A room lives through a certain amount of open space.

When choosing furniture, don't forget that you should have a certain level of comfort, especially the seating furniture. What good is the greatest designer piece if you can't sit on it? Even if you want everything to match perfectly, don't lose sight of comfort.

Minimalism may be nice in some cases. But the living room, which is your space to live in, should be a bit more homely. That means the one or other picture on the wall, the vase with flowers on the table and the large green plant at the window front bring life and naturalness into the room.

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