Manual bedlinen – on what you should pay attention by the purchase

Bedlinen are not the same bedlinen. Besides, we need every day the duvet covers and sheets for the bed. We spend about 25 years of our life in the bed. It is not always the own. Therefore, you should think about the bedclothes to yourselves, because you must feel fine just while sleeping. Finally, a relaxed and restful sleep is important for our body and healthy. You should not only pay attention by the bedlinen to the design.

Table of contents:
  • to buy bedlinen right
  • for a restful night
  • the material
    • bedlinen from sateen
    • bedlinen from linen
    • bedlinen from cotton
    • bedlinen from beaver
    • bedlinen from damask
    • bedlinen from seersucker
    • bedlinen from microfibre
    • bedlinen from mixed fabrics
  • the size of the bedlinen
  • no bed without sheets
  • bedlinen should be free of pollutant
  • high-class processing for a long life span

To buy bedlinen right

So that your night becomes relaxing, you should consider by the bedclothes purchase some tips. You are the hole night in touch with the bedclothes. Not everybody sleeps in a sleeping suit or nightdress. The more important is a skin-friendly material which is tuned to the season. If you are allergy sufferers, you need maybe special bedclothes. You should measure out the size of your pillows, mattress and covers before the purchase. Also the easy-caring is important. Who wants to press the bedlinen already still today, so that it becomes smooth. The processing is also important. The cheap bedlinen spare first of all the purse, however, dispose mostly of a very low quality and break fast. Therefore: Eyes on by the bedclothes purchase.

For a restful night

So that you can awake in the morning freshly and cheerfully and begin the day with vigour, you have to sleep well at night. Therefore, it is worthwhile to invest a lot of attention and effort in the bedlinen purchase also like in the purchase of the bed or the mattress. The optimum bedclothes must fulfil definite criterias, so that you sleep well:

  • breathable – The material should be able to transport sweat and humidity away from the body to the outside. Thus originates no heat jam, however, the body can also not cool down. The breathing activity of the bedclothes is important for a peaceful night, because during the sleep we sweat more or less. We lose possibly half a litre of sweat at every night which must be taken up by the bedlinen, so that you do not wake up in the morning bathed in sweat.
  • warm up or cool - according to the season the material should bring certain effects with itself. In summer the bedclothes should cool, in winter it should be fluffy and warming.
  • skin-friendly – one of the most important criteria is the skin friendliness. The bedlinen must feel pleasant and should cuddle up the skin. You must feel fine in the bedclothes to spend a pleasant night.

The material

The material decides on many factors. Belong to it:

  • skin friendliness
  • durability
  • quality
  • functionality
  • care behaviour
  • price

The choice of the material should have the uppermost priority. It is especially important how well you feel in the bedlinen. Not everybody likes the chilly smoothness of sateen bedclothes and not everyone likes to cuddle in soft beaver.

bedlinen from sateen

Sateen is a very fine, shining fabric that looks noble. Sateen does not exist as mostly accepted of real silk. The material can be composed from any fibers. It is most viscose, silk or polyester, because these fibers increase the shine additionally. Cotton is used for linen, which has been refined by mercerisation. A special variation is maco sateen which is produced of high-quality Egyptian cotton. The very shining surface originates from the atlas connection.

Sateen is very durable, easy-care and looks noble. The fabric has a cooling effect, what makes the bedclothes above all in the summer to a favorite. According to composition of the sateen you can wash the bedlinen up to 60°C. Most sateen kinds are to be washed from 30 ° to 40°C. A chemical cleaning is not possible and also from bleaches and bleach-containing detergents you should refrain. At low temperatures you can also iron sateen. However, mostly this is not necessary.

bedlinen from linen

Linen is a natural fabric whose fibers are won from the flax. In the past the most bedclothes are made of linen, the material is rarely used today. Besides, linen bedclothes is a very high-quality bedlinen which is a little care expensive. Bedclothes from linen has many advantages that artificial fibers can not match. Linen is antistatic, dirt-resistant, free of lint and bakterizid. In addition linen has a very good humidity management – humidity is transported from the body away to the outside – and a cooling effect. At the same time linen can have a warming effect. With it the material is suitable at every season.

Another bonus is the tear resistance which provides for a long durability. However, due to the missing elasticity of the fiber the fabric is very crease temperamental. Bedlinen is very uncomplicated with the care. The bedclothes are washed in the washing machine with a fine washing programme and are ironed or press after the dry.

bedlinen from cotton

Cotton is the most frequent one as well as the most argumentative material for bedclothes. Cotton belongs to the oldest cultivated plants of the world and brings many advantages with itself by clothing and textiles. Cotton disposes of a very low allergy potential what makes the bedlinen for allergy sufferers interesting. It is very friendly to skin, very absorbent, heat-resistant, breathable and long-lasting. You can use cotton bedclothes at every season. The pure natural fibre is soft and does not scratch.

With all these advantages cotton is still very easy-care and can be also applied easily where it must be hygienically. Cotton bedclothes can be washed according to implementation even with 90°C in the washing machine. However, you should absolutely pay attention to the manufacturer's tips with the care, because cotton strongly differs in the delicacy of the fibers. Ironing and skidding is also no problem with the fibers and there is nothing to prevent chemical cleaning.

bedlinen from beaver

Beaver bedinen has become the racer before all in the cold season during the last years. The snugly soft bedclothes are especially warming and, besides, skin-friendly. Beaver is nothing else as a cotton fabric which is very thick and was roughened on one or both sides. Beside the warming qualities beaver bedlinen is breathable, durable, skin-friendly and dispose as for the rest of all advantages of a good cotton.

bedlinen from damask

Damask is a fabric which is produced of cotton, silk, linen or worsted. On account of the costly web technology it is possible to train figurative patterns. Damask is produced only of very high-quality and shining materials. The fabric disposes of a unique positive effect and negative effect, is easy-care and durable.

The caring qualities of damask are very different. Here you should absolutely pay attention to the information of the manufacturers. In most cases the fabrics can be washed at temperatures from up to 60°C.

bedlinen from seersucker

Seersucker is a fabric made of cotton which is especially easy-care. Typically for the bedlinen is the creped surface which originates from different tensions of the warp threads. The advantage of Seersucker is exactly this crepe form which provides for the fact that the bedclothes never lie completely on the skin and provide thus for an optimum aerial circulation. The fabric should feel soft and pleasant and not be scratchy. Indeed, the bedlinen from Seersucker differs according to quality terrifically. Very cheap Seersucker bedclothes are disagreeable and rough on the skin.

Seersucker bedlinen is especially easy-care. Ironing is not necessary because of the creped surface. After washing the bedclothes get immediately her form and can be used again after the dry.

bedlinen from microfibre

Microfiber bedlinen is popular because it brings many good qualities with it. These bedclothes are extremely soft and, besides, very shape-retaining. The material is very easy-care, breathable and quickly drying. The material is often used as a basis with different functional textiles. Microfiber bedclothes carry humidity as it originates with the sweating, fast from the body away on the surface. Indeed, not everybody tolerate the fine fiber. Therefore, you should check whether you feel microfiber bedlinen as pleasant.

bedlinen from mixed fabrics

A lot of bedclothes are produced of mixed fabrics. Besides, different plant fibers and synthetic fibers are processed with each other. Thus the positive qualities of one fabric are connected with that of another fabric. The qualities of the fabrics vary according to the composition. Not always are only the practical functions which are improved with it. Optical factors can be also optimised by the composition of different fabrics.

the size of the bedlinen

There are bedclothes in standard dimensions what does not mean, that there can also be again exceptions. In the meantime, just with the pillow there are many forms and dimensions for which it becomes sometimes difficult to receive the right bedlinen. Therefore, it is favorable if you measure out your blanket and the pillow before the bedclothes purchase.

The classical pillow in Germany has the measure 80 x 80 centimetres, the classical blanket disposes of a size of 135 x 200 centimetres or 140 x 200 centimetres. Pair blankets have especially lately come to fashion with which a blanket reaches about a double bed and has the measure of 200 x 200 centimetres.

Many manufacturers also offer dimensions which deviate from the norm. In the meantime, above all on the pillow there are different mass which are adapted to the new trend after different pillow dimensions. But also the blanket dimensions correspond to the new bed pieces of furniture. If you have dimensions that are not available in the market, you will also find some manufacturers who make customized sizes.

no bed without sheets

Of course the sheet also belongs to pillowcase and quilt cover. There are also different dimensions and materials here. Today most sheets are instep sheets which can be quickly stretched around the mattress without a long smoothing. You should buy sheets only in high quality, because these are claimed by the friction more than the bedclothes themselves. At night you turn and turn and, besides, claim the sheet very much. Therefore, a high-quality processing and firm, thick fabric should be the first choice for you. Thin sheets fall not only fast from the form, but also surprise fast with holes.

Particularly with sheet it is important that these can be washed at least 60°C. With the sheet you have the whole night direct contact. High washing temperatures are necessary to reach hygienic cleanness. Only in this way can bacteria be killed.

bedlinen should be free of pollutant

One of the most important criteria of bedclothes is the subject pollutants. Bedlinen should be absolutely free of pollutant. You spend nights in the bedclothes and have very narrow contact with the fabric. Pollutants can release allergies or lead to skin irritation. Therefore, decide on the bedclothes which were checked for pollutants. This is valid for bedlinen from natural fibres as well as for bedlinen from synthetic fibers. Pollutants can reach by the pesticides which were used with the cultivation of natural fibres in the bedclothes, but also by colours.

high-class processing for a long life span

You want to use bedclothes a long time. The budgetary textiles are defeated only partly by the fashion and are used for more than one season. Therefore, a high-quality processing is important, so that you can use the bedlinen also after years. You should absolutely check the processing by the purchase of bedclothes. Seams should be made cleanly and the fabric should be lined well inside. Zipper and buttons must stick and the buttonholes must be close linked. All seams should not have any loose threads. Badly processed seams loosen quickly and damage to the bedlinen.

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