Furnishing a children's room for girls is not necessarily an easy task. Should it be the princess room in pink or rather a girl's room in a neutral or even not-so-girly colour? Yellow, dark or light green or even strong colours like red are very popular as a colour base in a girl's room. Depending on their age, the offspring usually express their own ideas about a children's room, also in terms of colour design. You should definitely listen to this, because children have a completely different attitude to colours than we adults do. In our article, we would like to provide you with some ideas and inspiration for furnishing and designing the children's room for girls.

Age-appropriate children's room furnishings for girls

From the baby room to the teenager room - the children's room for girls is the retreat for your child for many years. For this reason, the room should be age-appropriate. Furnish the girl's nursery so that she has this retreat.

For the baby, the nursery is initially rather functionally furnished with the cot, a changing unit and a wardrobe. A little later, in toddler age, the play corner is added, for example. Here, friends can be welcomed to play together. A nice play rug in this corner creates a warm and beautiful base. In the play corner, for example, there is room for the shop, the doll's corner or the children's kitchen - just the toys that the girl likes to play with.

At school age, the youngster thinks it's time to exchange the childish furnishings for cooler ones. A youth bed, a desk so that she can do her schoolwork at it, should create the atmosphere instead of the previous furnishings. And the wallpaper, which the girl used to find beautiful, often has to give way as well. Instead, the beautiful youth wallpaper is in demand to give the children's room that certain something.

Even if you as parents purchase a timeless style of furniture, at the latest in adolescence you can assume that it will be considered too childish.  

Wallpaper for the girls' room

It is often the parents who prefer to choose a quiet wallpaper. They rarely meet the children's taste with this. There are many beautiful children's room wallpapers that are also fun for the kids. Enchanting princesses, funny animals and colourful stripes make a girl's room suitable for children at any age. According to a study, children like colourful wallpaper with children's motifs. It has been proven that these wallpapers promote children's creativity and imagination. Children include the wallpaper in their play.

So let your children have a say in choosing the wallpaper for the girls' room. This is the only way for girls to really feel comfortable in their children's room. Whether it's a skating rink, a colourful fairy meadow or a fairytale forest, the design should appeal to the children. By no means should you shy away from strong colours.

Admittedly, the children's wishes can sometimes be a lot of work. When my girls were little, there were times when we wallpapered every two years. My girls always felt comfortable and were proud of their girls' room. You don't have to wallpaper that often, of course, but girls should have a vote. After all, the first nursery wallpaper is not a wallpaper for life. Every three to four years, however, the wallpaper is getting on in years and the motif should change.

Lighting for the girls' room

In addition to a ceiling lamp that provides sufficient brightness, the desk should be fitted with a desk lamp to provide the right light for working. The lamp can set an accent in the children's room with its colour and design and thus combine the beautiful with the practical.

The furnishings for a girl's nursery

The furnishings, consisting of bed, desk, desk chair and the couch, can look very different. Some girls tend towards playful and ornate furniture, while others prefer more simple versions. The furniture can be used to create a homely atmosphere with a feel-good character - in other words, a room in which girls can feel comfortable.

Wall design in the girls' room

When it comes to wall design, there are many different options. While colourful wallpapers with patterns create atmosphere in the room, plain, discreet colours rather create a basis for more design possibilities. With colourful accessories, great accents can be set, for example in the form of storage boxes, rugs and the desk chair. Of course, the girls' room also lends itself to embellishing a wall with an expressive motif wallpaper. For example, the couch or the cosy armchair can be placed on this wall. The remaining walls are plain-coloured and offer plenty of decoration options.

No girl's room without decoration

Whether it's a princess bed, a fluffy carpet or a cosy corner with lots of cushions, the girls' room should be comfortable. Offer your girls space for many activities but also for cuddling, chilling and dreaming. Visually separate the place to play from the sleeping area and work area. This makes it easier for children to find their way around the room. Numerous boxes and baskets keep things tidy.

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