2021 is the year of natural colours. Year after year, architects, trend forecasters, colour designers, manufacturers and colour institutes from all over the world publish the trend colours for the coming season. The 2021 colour trends have so much to offer - you can look forward to true colour explosions. Metallic tones, delicate pastel shades and bright colours are the trend colours for living. The colours are not only intended to provide beautiful accents, but also to create a feel-good atmosphere for the home. And these are the trend colours in 2021:

"Brave Ground™" - one of the 2021 colour trends

One motto of the trend colours this year is "courage to change". The colour "Brave Ground™" embodies a warm, natural earth tone that radiates strength, stability and balance. The colour makes other shades shine and provides us with an excellent basis to create a pleasant environment. The shade, which presents itself as relatively neutral, is intended to inspire us and offer many design and combination possibilities.

The complementary colour palettes to Brave Ground™

Colour Palette 1 - Expressive

Emotional reds and subtle pinks are combined with neutral and soft shades in this colour palette. The palette embodies the very colours that represent confident and bold colour design. They promote creativity, are stimulating and positive and are just perfect for playing with colours and shapes. The warm brown tone of "Brave Ground"™ in combination with the darker red and pink tones brings out a powerful ambience, while the combination with the soft pink tones gives the room rather a certain lightness.

Colour Palette 2 - Familiar

The shades of the colour palette Familiar create a pleasant and warm atmosphere. Shades such as loam, peat, clay or chalk settle in this palette. The soft brown and grey shades can be excellently combined with each other and have a very natural effect. With these colours, you can create very individual areas by experimenting with colour combinations and colour effects. The result: Individually designed areas or rooms that create warmth and security and a balanced atmosphere.

Colour palette 3 - Timeless

This colour palette of timeless colours combines modernity and tradition. The shades have a stimulating effect, but are anything but dominant. They radiate energy and warmth and lend the room a stylish and balanced character, giving it meaning and depth. The stimulating ochre and yellow tones, which are also part of the colour palette, have a stimulating effect and form an excellent basis for making both modern and antique furniture look perfect.

Colour palette 4 - Natural

This colour palette reflects the colours of the sky, the sea and the earth and connects to the environment with its natural tones. With these colours, you bring nature into the home and create excellent combination possibilities. The colours are authentic and go wonderfully together, allowing you to create quite charming colour effects. The shades in this colour palette go well with recycled furniture, natural wood, ceramics and indoor plants.
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