Hardly any other style of living is as popular as the country house style. It combines romance with naturalness and the rusticity of life in the country. Country house style - that is the scent of meadow orchards, the shady spot in the forest, the blaze of colour of nostalgic rose gardens and the gentle babbling of the brook. The living style stands for deceleration, sensuality, peace and relaxation. So it's only logical that this style of living has taken on new life over the years. In the beginning, the English country house style was the inspiration, but this has changed over time. More and more, Scandinavian living trends are also flowing into this style of furnishing. We tell you how to implement a modern country house style in your four walls.

These materials stand for the most romantic style of living

Country house - that clearly means natural materials. And the whole range of them. Wood is just as much a part of it as cotton, ceramics, rattan, linen, clay and much more. Everything that is natural is permitted. You should pay attention to this when choosing furnishings. Furniture made of plastic, plastic decorations and the like have no place in country house style.

In addition to natural materials, craftsmanship is also important. Products that are machine-made and lack charm do not really suit this style of living. Instead, opt for lovingly turned tables, hand-woven baskets, furniture made by carpenters and embroidered tablecloths. You can also integrate a few antiques and found objects from the flea market.

Country house style - it all depends on the background

White walls are not part of the country house style. This style of living thrives on natural colours and patterns - even on the wallpaper. Roses and thistles may bloom on the walls, complemented by stripes, small patterns and plain colours. At the same time, the colours remain very natural. The delicate green alternates with a fiery red or radiant yellow.

Especially in the English country house style, very intense colours are used in combination with pastel shades, but all of these are found in nature. The Scandinavian style is somewhat different, where the colours are more subdued. And the French country house style even chooses entire landscapes for its walls like the typical Toile de Jouy. All country house styles have one thing in common when it comes to walls: they should be flowering and green. Patterned wallpaper, striped wallpaper and plain wallpaper are an absolute must.

Painted tiles, brick and wooden planks also go well with the country house style. You don't have to open a construction site for this, because the patterns are all available on wallpaper.

A little more decoration is allowed in a country house

Of course, the country house style thrives on decorations. Candles, flowers, small wooden boxes, ceramic bowls, baskets and embroidered doilies are simply indispensable. Here, too, you should give preference to natural materials. When decorating, you can let your imagination run wild. A zinc watering can filled with fragrant peonies, a zinc tub full of heather or the ceramic jug with delicate wild roses complement the country house style.

Curtains, drapes and upholstery fabrics can also be flowery and natural in country house style. Linen and cotton are not only hard-wearing but also bring a lot of naturalness into your rooms.

Rustic furniture with panache

Large farmhouse cupboards, antique tables and ornate chest of drawers made of real wood make the country house style perfect. There may be ornaments on them, glass panes allow you to look inside and many a piece may quietly have a hint of signs of use. Cosy, large dining tables offer enough space for the whole family and friends.

Not all country house styles are the same

Here, too, every region has its own peculiarities. While the American country style tends to favour heavy, dark furniture, the French country house style focuses on romantic accents. The English country house style is dominated by flowers and checks, while the Mediterranean style prefers earthy tones. The Scandinavian country house style focuses on minimalist living.

But there are also major differences in terms of colour. The country house style in France and Italy is characterised by maritime influences. Blue and white take centre stage and are complemented by earthy colours such as terracotta. Muted colours are typical of Scandinavia, while in England pastel shades are combined with strong colours.

With the country house style, you can escape the hectic pace of everyday life and recharge your batteries. Uncomplicated, rustic and romantic is the style for living. Every element in your home brings its own charm and invites cosiness.

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