Also with wallpapers lastingness and environment protection is a subject

Environment protection and lastingness play also a role with wallpapers. More and more these criteria move in the centre and for many customers these are important factors by the purchase decision. The amount of quality marks on wallpapers is not quite as great as in other products. And that's good, because after all, you should be able to trust the quality labels and know what it is at all and what they mean. In some areas this is hardly possible.

Table of contents:
  • Quality mark is not same quality mark
  • The "RAL" quality mark for high environmental compatibility
  • Phthalate-free quality mark for wallpapers without conventional plasticizers
  • Especially environmentally friendly ECO wallpapers

Quality mark is not same quality mark

You can not trust to every quality mark. Many seals are from the private-economic sector and only serve to provide a good feeling for you. Remember that everybody can create a quality mark. There are not legal regulations for it. Therefore, you should place on wallpaper quality marks which are known for a long time or trust quality marks which already have a name also from other areas.

The "RAL" quality mark for high environmental compatibility

A lot of wallpapers are distinguished with the RAL quality mark. To receive this quality mark, the wallpapers must fill high demands which lie well over the usual EN norms. Above all, manufacturers must go forward very consciously with the colour choice, because colours with lead, chrome, arsenic, selenium, mercury or cadmium are not admitted. Plasticizers and stabilizers are defeated by strict regulations and may be applied like formaldehyde only with sharp restrictions. Legal limiting values have to be far below to obtain the RAL quality mark.

The wallpapers must fulfil also minimum requirements to the specifications in the use of colors. This includes:

  • fire behaviour
  • washability
  • minimum water resistance
  • shock resistance
  • colour fastness to light
  • noise reduction

The RAL quality mark will award from the RAL German institute for quality assurance and labeling registered assosiation. The supervision of the regulations is very strict and is administrated by a neutral inspection agency. Usual is an annual control on which it is found out whether the wallpaper manufacturer keeps to the quality regulations. The results of the check are noted. Therefore, the RAL quality mark also belongs at wallpapers to the most reliable quality marks.

Phthalate-free quality mark for wallpapers without conventional plasticizers

The phthalate-free qualitymark exists in Germany since 2009. Wallpapers with this seal must be made according to health conscious criterias. This concerns in particular the issue plasticizer which is discussed over and over again. Therefore, many wallpaper manufacturers use new raw materials like Hexamoll DINCH. This raw material make it possible to maintain the typical signs of a wallpaper with vinyl foam or profile foam and to produce wallpapers free of phthalates, nevertheless. Wallpapers with the phthalate-free quality mark fulfils the EU directive 2005/84/EG. This directive describes the demands for baby products and toys.

Especially environmentally friendly ECO wallpapers

The wallpaper manufacturer Graham & Brown from England creates his own eco-wallpaper which is not only ecologically friendly, but also brings a fresh look in your home. The wallpapers were printed on paper from FSC-certificated, controlled timber reserves. In volatile solvents and compounds will be omitted. Even the packaging of the wallpapers is ecologically friendly. The enterprise already pays attention to environmental friendliness and lastingness from the raw material up to the disposal for some years. For many decades the wallpaper manufacturer develops environmentally friendly colour technologies.

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