The eat-in kitchen is a place where the family meets, cooks, eats, does handicrafts together or enjoys a glass of wine with friends. A kitchen-living room combines the functionality of a kitchen with the cosiness and comfort of a living room. This room can be integrated into an open-plan living concept with dining and living areas, but it can also be separated from the other rooms by a door. However, the eat-in kitchen can also be found in a small single flat where life takes place.

The kitchen furniture is the focal point

Whether individual kitchen modules, a kitchen unit or the combination with a kitchen island gives the room its basis - the motto here is: whatever you like is allowed. And since this space is the space for living, it should reflect one's own personal preferences.

Modern eat-in kitchens are relatively simple in terms of concept: in addition to the kitchen unit, there is usually a dining table and chairs in the room. Depending on the size of the room, this can be a large, expansive table or a folding table that is used when needed. When furnishing the kitchen-cum-living-room, personal preferences and furnishing style should definitely be taken into account. In our article, we would like to inspire you a little and give you some ideas of what your kitchen could look like.

In any case, it is important to have plenty of storage space, because in a kitchen-cum-living-room as much as possible should disappear behind the doors of the kitchen furniture. Deep units that can hold a lot are ideal.


The kitchen with a simple look

The kitchen in a simple look or country style embodies a certain simplicity that is given that certain something by natural elements. The simplicity, which is reflected in the floors and in the kitchen, lends the room cosiness and charm. Wooden or tiled floors in the kitchen are easy to clean, but embody cosiness and warmth. Further highlights can be provided by stylish carpets, for example, which are selected to match the overall ambience.

A little colour on the walls creates a homely ambience

When it comes to wall design, anything goes. Differently designed walls set accents and bring personality into the room. Country-style wallpapers are the perfect backdrop for country-style kitchens. Don't choose wallpapers that are too sterile and simple - after all, they should convey a homely ambience.

Stripes and plain colours complement typical kitchen patterns and wallpapers in country style. But there is also suitable wallpaper for modern kitchens. Particularly for the eat-in kitchen, you should choose light, friendly and warm colours. White only makes the room cold and does not convey a feeling of cosiness. Colours such as yellow and orange are better, but a warm green or brown is also suitable for the kitchen.

Would you like something more stylish? Then exclusive wallpapers are the right choice. Reflecting rhombuses, glittering feathers or shiny metallic wallpapers are great eye-catchers that turn your kitchen into a noble room in which you and your guests will feel at home.

The small eat-in kitchen - the space miracle

Not every kitchen is dimensioned in such a way that it can be generously furnished. In this case, clever planning is important. A folding dining table is often the ideal solution here. When needed, it is simply folded down from the wall to provide the family with the appropriate space.

Old combined with new

You can also furnish your homely kitchen in this way. The combination of old and new elements creates a very special and personal charm. Table and chairs from the 70s provide a wonderful contrast to the modern, grey or black kitchen. Lamps from this era also provide not only the necessary light above the dining table, but also one or two eye-catchers.

The latest trend is self-built. Old pallets and wooden boards are used to create stylish furniture that is guaranteed to be unique.

An important accessory in the kitchen: the extractor hood

Odours caused by cooking, frying or baking cannot be ignored in the kitchen. That is why an extractor bonnet is very important. It should be of high quality and have a very good extraction power. In this way, you can avoid unpleasant food odours after cooking as much as possible. 

The kitchen-living room - this is the room where most of the action takes place. Charming details such as flowers or fresh herbs on the windowsill give the kitchen a lively look.

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