Lincrusta wallpapers are special wallpapers. They are robust, resistant and have a very long life. The wallpapers are found mainly in old villas and in noble castles. Once they also adorned the walls of luxury iron carriages, ships and royal residences. Even in the Titanic there are said to have been walls covered with Lincrusta. Now you may think that the unusual wallpapers today have lost their justification and are used only for restoration purposes. But this is not the case. Lincrusta wallpapers also find their place in modern apartments and make them cozy and noble at the same time.

What is Lincrusta wallpaper?

Lincrusta wallpaper is different from conventional wallpaper. The wall covering is an eco-product. The wallpapers are made of linseed oil, whiting and pine resin. Strictly speaking, it is a linoleum-like material from which the wallpapers are made. The wallpapers have special properties: they are incredibly durable, water repellent, resistant and flame retardant. The longer the wallpaper is on the wall, the more durable it becomes.

These properties bring Lincrusta wallpaper:

  • robust and resistant,
  • becomes even harder with time,
  • water repellent,
  • suitable for damp rooms,
  • suitable for surfaces that are very stressed,
  • flame retardant,
  • pressure and impact resistant,
  • durable,
  • ecological,
  • can be customized in color,
  • collection consists of wallpapers, plinths, friezes and borders.

How does the color get on the Lincrusta?

But Lincrusta wallpaper can do even more. No other wallpaper brings such a grandeur. Reliefs and patterns have a wonderful 3D look. Color-wise, you can customize the wallpaper to your liking. Simply painted, wiped, wrapped or patinated - the results are always different. You can use different techniques to get color on the wallpaper. In doing so, you can let your imagination run wild. Even a touch of gold leaf is possible. Stay creative.

The patterns of Lincrusta wallpaper

The collection of Lincrusta wallpapers includes many patterns. There are not only magnificent classic patterns, but also fine stripes, modern graphics and timeless designs. This makes the wallpapers perfect for many applications. They are just as suitable for the restoration of old castles and villas, as for modern and timelessly beautiful apartments.

How to process Lincrusta wallpaper

Lincrusta wallpapers are processed like other wallpapers. Nevertheless, you should pay attention to some things. It is important to know that Lincrusta wallpaper can not be stored indefinitely. You should store the wallpaper for a maximum of one year, because the material becomes hard and then the wallpaper can no longer be processed well. However, if you have stored Lincrusta too long, you do not have to throw it away immediately. There is a trick to make the material wallpaperable again. Soak the wallpaper in water. This works best in the bathtub.

As with all wallpapers, the substrate should be well prepared. Remove old wallpaper and check the substrate for adhesion. With a smoothing spatula, you can fill and thus smooth very uneven surfaces. A deep primer is recommended for highly absorbent substrates. You can also apply a roller macerator. But this is not a must, if the substrate is in order. Glue it across the room and apply the waste paper with a special paste in a ratio of 1:20, adding 20% Ovalit. Allow the roll waste paper to dry thoroughly.

Once the surface is well prepared, you can apply the Lincrusta. Cut the sheets to size. A sharp cutter knife and a steel rail are suitable for this purpose. Moisten the back of the sheets with warm water. This is best done with a sponge. For gluing, you do not necessarily have to use the paste from the manufacturer. This is very expensive and is therefore rarely used. Glue the Lincrusta with Ovalit S wall covering adhesive. To do this, evenly coat the back of the sheets with the wall covering adhesive. Apply the sheets plumb and smooth out any air pockets. A rubber roller is best suited for this purpose. Allow the Lincrusta wallpaper to dry thoroughly.

Lincrusta wallpaper in use

Lincrusta wallpapers have long been used not only in mansions and castles. In England, the robust wallpapers adorn numerous pubs and hotels. In Singapore, Raffles is furnished with Lincrusta, the wallpaper can be found in the White House in Washington, and John D. Rockefeller's house in New York also wears Lincrusta. Wherever robust and at the same time noble wallpapers are in demand, Lincrusta wallpapers are used.

In the living area, the wallpapers are a wonderful alternative to tiles. Bathroom, hallway and kitchen can be made extraordinary with the wallpapers. Whether as a tile backsplash in the kitchen, as a panel in the hallway and staircase or as a splash guard in various areas of the bathroom - Lincrusta wallpapers can be used wherever robust wallpaper is required. The tile wall in the bathroom can be designed with the wallpaper as well as the show wall in the living room or bedroom. Lincrusta wallpapers are therefore by no means only suitable for villas and castles, which should shine in new splendor. They can be used in a variety of ways.

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