The aim of Feng Shui is to bring people into harmony with their surroundings and this is done through careful planning and design according to the Chinese doctrine of harmony - because that is Feng Shui. According to this teaching, the interplay between the two opposites, Feng (wind) and Shui (water), should be harmoniously designed through selected elements and furnishings. At the same time, one's own life energy, the Chi, is increased and steered in the desired direction.

Living according to Feng Shui - can I bring in my own style?

When furnishing your home according to Feng Shui, you can combine the given rules of Feng Shui with the most diverse styles. There is no need to forego individual style and taste. Whether industrial style or Shabby Chic - Feng Shui can be wonderfully combined.

Living according to Feng Shui - the planning

Before you furnish your flat according to Feng Shui, you should first access the Bagua - a kind of site plan. The bagua is divided into zones and shows you where you should arrange certain areas in your flat. Each corner of the bagua represents an area of your life that should be furnished in the right shapes, colours and materials.

These are them: The zones of the Bagua

The Family zone is designed with pictures to create a harmonious environment.
Another zone is called in the field of Feng Shui: "Helpful Friends". Here it is about the support and protection that good and helpful friends often give us. Precious materials and fresh flowers create a welcoming atmosphere in this zone. According to Chinese harmony theory, colours such as grey, silver, black and white fit perfectly into this zone.
The Career zone stands for life's path and life's task. The ideal colour for this zone is blue, because it should appear tidy and bright here.
The Children zone stands for the beginning of life. Within Feng Shui, fantasy and creativity are very important in this area. This zone is an ideal room for the children's room, but also for the work area, because here, too, fantasy and creativity are frequently called for.
The partnership zone is the zone where you should feel comfortable. Here you are supposed to relax. And the interpersonal relationship is also in the foreground in this zone. Warm, pleasant colours such as a neutral white or shades of yellow or pink create a pleasant feel-good atmosphere.
Wealth is also a zone in Feng Shui. With green and red tones, this area symbolises inner and outer wealth.
The zone of fame is about the perception of others, that is, how you appear to others. Lots of light, bright furnishings and red tones create a perfect setting. The centre of the bagua is the "Tai Chi" zone, which symbolises balance and health. As much as possible should be left free here. You can perfect this zone with ochre and yellow tones.
The place for insight and knowledge is the zone designated as knowledge, for example a library. Small red accents are excellent for loosening up the atmosphere you create with green tones.

Designing walls according to Feng Shui

Colours are of great importance for harmonious furnishing. For example, you can highlight individual wall sections with wallpaper in yellow and brown tones and place cut flowers in tall, slender containers in front of them. Natural wallpapers and natural fibre wallpapers are wonderfully suited to Feng Shui living and emphasise the personal touch.

Living according to Feng Shui - our furnishing tips


According to Feng Shui, light has a very strong power and strengthens the Chi flow. Therefore, when furnishing your home according to Feng Shui, you should choose translucent blinds and curtains. In rooms and corners where daylight does not fall, artificial light sources can provide the light glow. While Feng Shui recommends a soft light for the living room and bedroom, a bright light should be chosen for the study, hallway and kitchen.


Fresh plants and flowers not only make the room cosier, they also create a more pleasant room climate. In addition, plants and flowers strengthen the life energy in Feng Shui. With plants in vases or pots, you can enliven dead corners and create great eye-catchers. It is important that you water and care for the plants regularly. Choose plants that get by with little light.


Living according to Feng Shui also means tidying up. Getting rid of things you no longer need and disposing of them is considered liberating in harmony theory and creates new, positive energy. Materials

Wood and natural stone are considered calming. Mirrors, glasses and shiny surfaces ensure that the flow of chi is stimulated. Wind chimes, coloured glasses, candlesticks and crystal bowls are ideal for this.

Round shapes for a better flow of Chi

In Feng Shui teachings, decorating is associated with a positive effect. However, you should make sure that the accessories fit the room on the one hand and fulfil their purpose on the other. In order to achieve a harmonious flow of chi, you should choose accessories with curved and round shapes.
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