Wallpaper sometimes takes quite a beating. Just think of the pasta with tomato sauce. The latter seems to end up on the wall every time we have lunch, because the kids are a bit snappy with the spoon and ladle. But red wine is also said to have landed on wallpaper. In smokers' households, the wallpaper slowly turns yellow. No matter what it is, stains always end up on wallpaper. I'm sure you too have experienced one or two mishaps. If you don't want to redecorate right away, the first question is whether you can get the stain off the wallpaper.

A little wallpaper story

At this point I would like to tell you a little story about a good acquaintance who does not come from the "Münchhausen" category. She found her dream wallpaper in Biedermeier style many, many years ago. And - it's hard to believe - this dream wallpaper is still hanging in the living room today, after more than 20 years. No, it hasn't yellowed and in fact it looks like it did on the first day. Well, not quite like that, but almost. Once a year, my friend simply takes a cloth and some warm soapy water and washes the wallpaper. Now you will say that we can't know whether the wallpaper has yellowed. Yes, we can. Because recently, the aforementioned acquaintance found a still closed roll on the floor, well and darkly wrapped. In terms of colour, this wallpaper does not show any deviations from the papered wallpaper.

It's the wallpaper that counts

The above story really works, but not with every wallpaper. The wallpaper in question was a vinyl wallpaper. These are highly resistant to washing and even scrubbing. These are the best prerequisites for removing stains from the wallpaper. In rooms where the likelihood of stains is high, you should therefore choose appropriate wallpaper. In the meantime, a lot has happened on the wallpaper market, of course, and not only vinyl wallpapers are wipeable. Of course, you should not soak the entire wallpaper when removing stains. Depending on the wallpaper, a damp cloth or a soft brush is sufficient to remove stains.

Vinyl wallpaper is easy to clean

Vinyl wallpapers come in many forms. Flat vinyl wallpapers, also known as satin wallpapers, and compact vinyl wallpapers, which have more texture, are usually scrub-resistant. This allows you to remove stubborn stains even with a brush. It only becomes difficult with staining foods such as red wine or tomatoes. You should be quick and remove the stains immediately.

Other wallpapers can also be wiped off well

Many other wallpapers can also be wiped off, but no other wallpaper is abrasion-resistant. The sooner you remove the stain, the greater the chance of success. Surprisingly, fabric wallpapers are more robust than other wallpapers. They can be cleaned very easily with a little water and a brush. This way, the dust that accumulates on every wallpaper and every wall over time is quickly removed.

You should be more careful with simple paper wallpapers, natural wallpapers and wallpapers with metal coatings. The surface could be damaged when cleaning with a brush. For these wallpapers, only a soft cloth should be used.

You should be careful with recommendations using baking soda. Baking soda contains sodium bicarbonate, which bleaches out. You will have removed the stain, but you will have created a new stain.

You can remove simple dirt with an eraser sponge. Be careful not to damage the surface.

These wallpapers are difficult or impossible to clean

Very delicate wallpaper surfaces are difficult to clean. This is especially true of velour wallpaper. You would damage the surface when removing a stain. A great deal of sensitivity is required here.

Choose your wallpaper carefully

First and foremost, you certainly choose the wallpaper according to the design and the colour. However, wallpaper designs and colours usually come in different qualities. Rooms where the walls are subject to a little more wear and tear should therefore be given robust wallpaper. These include the kitchen, bathroom and hallway. In the living room, it may also be a delicate wallpaper. Of course, it also plays a role whether you have small children who like to take a pencil in their hands and decorate the wallpaper according to their ideas, or whether you have pets who like to push themselves along the wallpaper.

When it comes to removing stains or cleaning wallpaper, it doesn't matter whether the backing material is paper or non-woven. The surface coating is always the decisive factor.
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