If you have enough space in the flat, a gents is the perfect retreat for the gentleman. Of course, the gentleman's room is not a room for a hobby, but a room to enjoy and relax in. Here the master of the house may receive his guests but also be all to himself, read and indulge in thoughts while drinking a good whisky. For a long time, the master bedroom was not a priority in home design. Now it is trendy again and is coming back to life.

Mens' rooms are IN again

A modern home cinema, your own whisky shelf, an elegant billiard table - the masculine living style is in again. The important thing is that everything is at peace with itself and has the typical masculine charm. If there is enough space in the flat or home, a man's room is almost a must. Gents are currently experiencing a grand revival. But the stylish gents does not only have to be used by men.

The gentleman's room has a history

The idea of a gentleman's room dates back to the 19th and early 20th centuries. In wealthy, bourgeois households, rooms were furnished in which the master of the house received his male guests to chat with them about God and the world. This is where people smoked and enjoyed their drinks. The furnishings of the gentleman's room were very luxurious because, after all, the room also represented the status of the master of the house.

This is what the gentlemen's room once looked like

Dark furniture in colonial style dominated the gentlemen's room. Large, comfortable seats were the focal point of the rooms. The room was decorated with the whisky collection, books, valuable souvenirs from the lord's numerous travels and hunting trophies. The walls were covered with magnificent dark wallpaper, the windows decorated with heavy curtains. The room was thus not only stylishly furnished, but above all practically. For once smoking was not allowed in the house, but only in the master's room. To prevent the walls and furniture from being discoloured by the tobacco smoke after a short time, the primary colours of the room remained dark.

The Gentleman's Room Today

The modern gentleman's room still has much of past traditions. Yesterday as today

    - clear forms,
    - dark colours,
    - original materials,
    - selected accessories

are in vogue in the master bedroom. If you like it classic, the Chesterfield leather sofa is the highlight of the room. Rough woollen cushions make the sofa cosy. Very important: soft colours have no place in a gentleman's room. But the walls don't have to be quite as dark as they were in the 19th century. Natural wallpaper is an ideal complement to the look. But you can also find many motifs for wall design under Designer Wallpapers and Exclusive Wallpapers. Lincrusta wallpapers are particularly elegant and classic. In terms of colour, it doesn't necessarily have to be brown. A moss green, Bordeaux red or dark navy blue also go well with the gents. Of course, you can complement these colours with light beige and cream tones. Finally, the modern mens room look can also be a little fresher.

The room should be spared playful decoration. Rather, use a few heirlooms or flea market finds as decoration that look very valuable. But globes, model aeroplanes, gramophones or boxing gloves also add the finishing touch to a man's room. In principle, you can decorate with anything that awakens the spirit of adventure.

When it comes to the cupboards, shelves and desk, you should stay robust. The colonial style fits perfectly in the gentleman's room. But other heavy wooden furniture and straight-lined furniture made of wood and metal also fit perfectly. The large table with a solid wooden top looks very elegant and complements the club chair and leather sofa. The house bar should not be missing, as it is an integral part of a man's room. A billiard table adds to the fun in the gentlemen's room. Since the master bedroom has always been a library, the bookshelf should not be missing.

Since the gents is very tone-in-tone, different materials are important so that the individual items stand out from each other. Choose natural and masculine materials for this. Wood, metals, leather, wool and linen are just some of the materials you can use.

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