Non-woven wallpapers are currently the racer, nevertheless, they allow easy wallpapering. In any case, the manufacturers promise this. Without a question, non-woven wallpapers are a brilliant invention which make more things a lot easier because they bring simply great qualities with. Indeed, non-woven wallpaper is not like non-woven wallpaper. Therefore, we give you tips how you select non-woven wallpapers correct and wallpaper them.

The advantages of a non-woven wallpaper

Non-woven wallpapers are made of a special carrier material. Non-woven is a combination of special cellulose and polyester fibers. Today's non-woven wallpapers are free of solvents, formaldehyde and PVC and contains no heavy metal connections. The wallpapers are crack-bridging, dimension-stable and drily peelable. You need no pasteboard while wallpapering, because the paste can be immediately applied to the wall and the length of wallpaper is inserted in the glue bed. Crack-bridging means that the wallpapers will remain intact, even if cracks form in the subsoil as it is often the case with plaster. Dimensionally stable means that the wallpapers do not extend or contract together as paper wallpaper do. You can bring non-woven wallpaper without soaking times to the wall and see immediately the ready paper picture, because the wallpapers must not contract again. In addition, non-woven wallpapers are in combination with mineral substrates hardly inflammable to German Institute for Standardization 4102 B1.

The advantages at a glance:
  • dimensionally stable
  • crack-bridging
  • hardly inflammable in combination with mineral substrates
  • diffusion-openly
  • high tensile strength
  • an easy processing
  • paper without soaking times
  • no pasteboard necessary
  • dry strippable
All that glitters is not gold

Of course, non-woven wallpapers have not only advantages. Non-woven is no opaque material. Therefore, you should always provide for an evenly bright subsoil. On very bright non-woven wallpaper with an only thin non-woven bearer small colour differences can be seen. On dark non-woven wallpaper the likelyhood is lower that the subsoil shines through. An important point is also the quality of the non-woven bearer. Low-coast non-woven wallpapers mostly dispose of a very thin non-woven bearer who does not bring the desired advantageous qualities with himself. On the one hand the subsoil shines through more, on the other hand the wallpapers are not fully dry-strippable completely. The non-woven bearer tears mostly and to paper the wallpaper of the wall is complicated.

How you bring non-woven wallpaper to the wall

After a good surface preparation, which is also important for non-woven wallpapers, you start wallpapering. Draw a vertical line with the spirit level for the first track to the wall. Now you apply the non-woven glue with a role or a glue brush on the wall. Besides, you had to paste only a surface which reaches for about two to three roads. If you paste more, the glue is already dried, before you have arrived there with the wallpaper roads. The first wallpaper road is inserted in the glue bed and is aimed in the vertical line. Particularly with patterns, it is important that you work accurately. A stripe wallpaper comes usually fast to the tilting. You are able to paste the wallpaper roads also of course, if you do not manage with the wall adhesive technology. In addition you carry the paste on the non-woven wallpaper and bring this immediately, without soaking time, to the wall. With the right paste, it is also possible to paste the wallpaper with a paste device.

While wallpapering a non-woven wallpaper you absolutely need scissor, cutter's knife and enough blades, because non-woven wallpaper can not be torn. Non-woven wallpapers are glued exclusively on push. Besides, the edges of the wallpaper roads collide dull. Today there are nearly no wallpapers which are glued overlapping. Easy corrections could run itselfs with pushing the wallpaper roads in the glue bed. With a paper brush or a paper spatula you delete all air bubbles from the road and press this easily.

How easy it is to get the non-woven wallpaper of the wall

A big advantage of the non-woven wallpapers are the possibility, to get them easy of the wall. If you have decided on a high-quality non-woven wallpaper which disposes of a thick non-woven bearer, you can touch the roads simply on a side and depart drily. You must not soak the wallpaper or push off laboriously with a spatula. Thin non-woven bearers can already crack during removal. Therefore, it is worthwhile to take good and qualitatively high-quality non-woven wallpapers.

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