And wallpapers with unusual patterns add a visual statement to the room. If you want the room to look lively, choose stripes or patterns for the wall design. In our article, we give you tips and suggestions on how to make your rooms homelier(er).

Today's wall design

Today, there are many possibilities when it comes to designing the walls in your home. Today's wall design includes wallpaper, pictures, shelves and so on - just the accessories with which you can add personality and atmosphere to the rooms.

This year, bold colours and patterns are once again the order of the day for wall design.... Exciting patterns on wallpaper set accents and create a certain sense of well-being. The colour of the wallpaper plays an important role here. Thus, we associate natural colours with familiarity, warmth and protection. Pastel colours embody a certain lightness and tranquillity.

However, with statement wallpapers, i.e. wallpapers that directly attract the eye, you should only wallpaper one wall. Otherwise the room will quickly look restless and cluttered. Or you can wallpaper only individual strips of the fancy wallpaper and create an eye-catcher by combining them with stylish furniture. How do we imagine this? Wallpaper one wall alternately with a patterned wallpaper and a plain plain wallpaper so that a striped design is created. In front of this wall, place a reading or designer armchair and a great floor lamp: the beautiful reading and resting corner is ready, and perfectly staged at that.

Whether floral, with graphic patterns, motifs from nature or wallpapers in shabby chic or retro style - the wallpapers give your rooms a new and modern look.

Even a plain wall in a strong colour tone creates a beautiful and expressive atmosphere in the room. With the appropriate accessories arranged on plain shelves, you enhance the effect and put the wall in the spotlight in a perfect way. It becomes very personal when you hang very personal pictures on the wall painted or wallpapered in a strong colour tone. Passepartouts or DIY picture projects you have made yourself help the room to achieve an expressive and very personal effect. With perfectly arranged wall lights that illuminate the pictures, your room becomes directly homely.

Wall design with pictures

Pictures on the walls fulfil very specific tasks: they convey personality, calm, surprise or even have an emotional effect. Large passe-partouts have a calming effect, while small pictures make the room more lively. The framing of a picture is crucial here, because it can additionally emphasise the effect of the picture. Picture frames made of wood convey harmony, especially if the colour tone is reflected in the room's furnishings. Picture frames in black, grey and white are considered timeless.

Your own picture creations - for example "picture to picture

By arranging different-sized picture frames without spacing them apart, the whole thing looks like a large collage. In this arrangement, choose picture frames of different sizes and hang them edge to edge without spacing. Staggered, so that the arrangement results in a pattern or simply "just because". With the creation "picture to picture" you get a real and very personal eye-catcher. Conclusion: A great and individual wall design expresses your personality and style and gives the room a pleasant atmosphere - simply to feel good.
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