Times are always changing: sometimes the living trend is towards roughcast, then it's back to good old woodchip and finally wallpaper is back in fashion in every colour and design. Strictly speaking, wallpaper never goes out of fashion. In many countries, they are as much a part of interior design as the cooker is to the kitchen. Wallpaper is one of the most important design elements in living and business spaces, because it is the link between the wall and the home furnishings. But wallpaper can do much more.

Wallpapers design your rooms

Everyone lives differently. You may prefer the country house style, while your neighbour is more into classical baroque. There are endless styles of living and not all of them have to be true to style, from the wall to the decoration. Because style mixes are also absolutely trendy. Wallpapers underline your style of living. You will never achieve the same results in a room with paint alone as with wallpaper. You cannot recreate the variety of patterns with paint alone. In a room, you can combine plain wallpapers with patterned wallpapers, striped wallpapers and borders. The design possibilities are almost endless. And if you want to stay true to style, you can't get around wallpaper anyway, because what would a baroque room be without large baroque patterns on the wall or a country house style without flowers?

Wallpapers change room proportions

Hardly any room is as you imagine it. Unless you are an architect building your own house according to your wishes, you always have to make compromises when it comes to living. One room is too high, another too small and the third lacks cosiness. With wallpaper, you can fool the eye and change the proportions, at least apparently.

Make high rooms look lower

Old buildings in particular have very high rooms. Not everyone likes this, because such rooms often don't look really cosy. To make the rooms look lower, you can make the ceiling and the floor darker. The walls are covered with a light-coloured wallpaper. The same effect is achieved with striped wallpaper on the walls, which are wallpapered crosswise. If the walls are not too high, you can also wallpaper the walls not all the way up to the ceiling and let them end about 20 to 30 centimetres below the ceiling. A border gives a neat finish.

Make low rooms look higher

The whole thing also works the other way round. You can make low rooms look higher by using strip wallpaper vertically. Vertical wallpaper patterns have the same effect. The ceiling is wallpapered lighter and the floor is also in light colours.

Make small rooms look bigger

If you want to make a very small room look bigger, choose light wallpaper colours and small wallpaper patterns. A mural wallpaper or a photo wallpaper can also create a sense of spaciousness.

Make large rooms look smaller and cosier

To make large rooms look cosier, colours are important. Strong colours and diagonal patterns bring the walls closer together. You don't have to paint all the walls in strong colours. It is enough to choose two or three walls.

Wallpapers create emotions

Yes, wallpaper can do that too. White reminds many of a hospital with sterile and bland walls. Even decorations cannot enhance this colour. In the meantime, even the walls in hospitals are coloured. And not without reason. Colours and patterns bring feeling into every room. Each colour is responsible for a certain mood. Orange, brown and cream have a cosy, friendly and somewhat grounding effect. Yellow, of course, stands for the sun and blue for calm and coolness. Green walls appear fresh and violet leaves a trace of spirituality. Red is love and passion. And so each colour has its own particular characteristics that you should take into account when wallpapering. Warm tones like yellow, orange and cream belong in the living room. It has been proven that orange makes the filled temperature in a living room seem one to two degrees higher. In the bedroom, it should appear somewhat cooler and calmer. Blue and green tones are ideal there. You should definitely let your gut feeling be the judge in the design. Patterned wallpaper has a similar effect. Large baroque patterns give us a feeling of glamour and glitz. Floral country house wallpapers bring a piece of nature into the house and designer wallpapers stand for a touch of luxury. It's worth looking into the symbolism and meaning of the colours before you wallpaper. You will see that your rooms will look completely different.
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