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The effect wallpaper is the ultimate of the wallpaper offer. Nothing could be better than an effect wallpaper. If somebody believes, this would be final, the last highlights, which wanders. We are persuaded of the fact that something new occurs to the wallpaper manufacturers over and over again. On it we can be curious.
We understand by effect wallpapers the wallpapers which achieves astonishing effect with special materials, the use of a procedure or a technology. Wallpaper with hologramme foil, metal wallpapers, velour wallpapers and the wide range of wallpapers with granulate materials, glass beads, rhinestones, sequins and similar materials which cause astonishing spatial and visual effects. The effect wallpaper equipped with hologramme foils is breathtaking. It is made in the colours of the rainbow or full-flatly in strong, highly shining colours in gold or silver. With every movement of the light or of the viewer pattern or colour change in a thrilling world of the magic.
Glass beads, transparently or with pearl courage light, metal pearls in gold or silver underline the attractively exclusive design. Rhinestones or Svarowski diamonds in sparkling optics, clear or with metal oxide vaporized, are in shine and colour dispersion the diamonds alike. They are especially effective and also not cheap. As a decorative element they are used only economically, the result can be astonishing.
The wide range of the granulate materials exists of different raw materials. By granulating these are crushed into fine granules. Decoration sand is often dyed and complemented with glittering particles in golden, silver or coppery ornamentally complement. Granulate material can be applied thickly usually as distinctive support of the patterns.
Velour wallpapers are the simple however noble effect wallpapers. The term velour comes from the French and means in German velvet. Velour looks like velvet, fills like velvet and is a velvet with soft or plushy surface. The quality of the velour wallpaper is unique, voluminous and matt or with silk shine he always provides for thrilling optics.
Effect wallpapers can enchant with elegant, modern or spectacular optics.

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